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An uncomfortably gross museum reminding you that the vessel you inhabit is in fact just meat.

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Established around the second week of February, the Museum of Skin allows you to explore the disgusting, and yet sometimes beautiful, intricacies of the suit of meat you wear every day. 
Whilst we acknowledge that simply going to a public space or looking at your own skin suit would in fact be a museum of skin in itself, we decided to maximise the deep discomfort which is felt when one is reminded of the reality of their fleshy exterior by collecting all this together in a small and overwhelming space, to create maximum discomfort.
We hope you enjoy your visit, if at all possible, and come back soon when you need another reality check!

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Above is a powdered ink latex piece made by artist Molly Mousdell.

"I wanted to create something unusually fleshy looking and photograph it, playing with light coming from underneath the latex. At this point I had never worked with latex before, it has become something that I'm a bit more comfortable with now, but I believe my inexperience allowed me to play around and be a bit more brash with my experimentation.  
My work largely relies on “happy accidents”, a lot of thinking in material and experimentation. I would describe my process as automatism because of this, as a rarely know what I'm doing going into a piece, which I think allows me to work more freely but can sometimes result in me staring at a blank page for longer than I would like to admit."

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Georgia Simpson

Showing until December 2021

Photographs taken by artist Georgia Simpson explore the minute details and variations in colour and texture which form when the body begins to repair itself after injuries.

Nicole Sotirova

Showing until February 2022

Artist Nicole Sotirova explores the unaccepted reality that the human body when stripped down entirely to it's natural form, is uncomfortably similar to the flesh of an animal, from which we take our food. Her paintings are extremely photorealistic, incorporating various colours which are clearly associated with meat and the internal human body to elevate the brutal similarities which are typically unacknowledged.

Hannah Browne

Showing until February 2022

Artist Hannah Browne explores latex and its ability to be shaped and manipulated to create an appearance extremely similar to human skin. The concept of a clear separation between skin and the body to which it belongs to is deeply explored in Browne's work as the latex pieces appear to be entirely separate and unrelated to a human form.

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